Train - Starter Kit #100

Train - Starter Kit #100

Our train is the flagship of our toys, and perhaps what we’re best know for.  We have recieved many ribbons and awards at Craft Shows for this item.  Made almost entirely of Cherry wood, it has enough detail built into it that many children and adults have fallen in love with it immediately.

Our basic starter set consists of five cars:  the engine, a coal car, a circus car, a boxcar, and a coboose.  We include six removeable people with this set; two engineers and four people in the caboose.  These people are shorter than the people we use for our other toys.  Each car is approximately 5-1/2" long, 2-3/4" wide, and 3-1/2" high  (engine slightly longer).

Two of the cars open up, the caboose so you can remove the passengers, and the boxcar so you can remove any valuable cargo.  In additon, the boxcar features two sliding doors just like in real boxcars.

This is our starter set for the train.  We do not break this set up, nor sell the cars individually.  However, you can purchase additional cars listed in our optional train car section.